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Vista Land and Lifescapes, Inc. (PSE: VLL)


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May 29, 2009 at 5:24 am 5 comments


What I am feeling now?

The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi).

Prior to the 2300 target, i was so bullish that the spectacular rally we have is real. same with the s&p500. the rally is so powerful that eventually psei@2700 yr end and 3k 1Q 2010 are attainable, PROVIDED a breather is at place. so far no healthy correction have happened. this is dejavu for me, and i’m now “afraid” of the market.

My personal stand: Before – Bullish; Now – Afraid

I am now entertaining the idea that this is a (BSR) Bear Sucker’s rally.

May 29, 2009 at 2:58 am 3 comments

On Broker’s Analysis (PSE: MEG)

My days of analyzing broker’s activities are numbered. There’s PSE resolution that broker’s identity will be withheld. I always believe, The Philippine Stock market is one of the hardest playing filed in equity investment. I always concur to the saying that “If you beat the Philippine Markets, you can beat any markets in the world”.

Below is Meg’s broker’s activity. This is just my personal “feel” why the MER selling is an automatic response.


May 28, 2009 at 3:36 am 6 comments

On Brokers Analysis – Meralco & Megaworld (PSE: MER & PSE: MEG)

basing on the screen shot if i were the client of Summit Sec, i would have done the same. What’s on my mind?
Let’s share our “feelings”.
If i were a client of Summit Sec. i sold my Meralco shares because;
Any thoughts?

Shar I’mstudying your VLL, as soon as i finish “talking” to the chart, i will post it asap. Thanks for your patience.

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Just came back from boracay (free vacation) early evening yesterday. was supposed to rest last night but i’m a UFC fanatic. I “need” to watch the replay of Machida vs Evans which started 11pm. I’m meeting our “farmers” today and probably will wake up very early tom for our first day farming watermelons and papayas. I will try to make requested chart(s) late evening. My apologies if i can’t.

Take care and Godbless us all always..and forever.

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Option Box Short for Cable (Great Britain Pound – GBP/Usd) with 74.10% payout


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Euro/USD Daily Chart 05/21/09


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