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“Pucca” by Ms. Kipling aka Babes


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“Balay” by Lil


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It’s Official – I’m semi retired from FX Trading

Withdrawn 80% of the fund. I’m happy yet sad. Happy because i can finally take much needed rest. Sad when i saw the excessive fees made by paypal (they charged me around 3.5% and the usual forex differential). All in all i lost around 13,000 pesos in fees. That’s a lot of money, almost 3 months of my basic salary. This is the first time paypal charged me for my withdrawn funds from Oanda. The forex differential i can tolerate but not this giving me a double whammy. I have no choice but to withdraw the fund with a bleeding heart (naks!). I emailed paypal and I contested their exuberant fees. Hope i get a refund ($153+).

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Gold 3hr chart update June 25, 2009


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Atlas Mining (PSE: AT)


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Paxsys, Inc (PSE: PAX)

First coverage. hard core resistance at 2.65 (this serves as target for the bounce as well). caveat.

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International Container Terminal Services (PSE: ICT)


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