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Cyber Bay Corp (PSE: CYBR)

Parabolic curve – the mother of all patterns. I just can’t stop being amazed whenever i see one. Wish I have the third eye to spot the early stages (wave 1) of a paracurve. Guess that would be nice *smile*.
Below is parabolic curve pattern example.
Paracurve characteristics:
Ascend/Rise of complete wave 5 paracurve: Monstrous gains in shortest possible time.
Correction/Descend of a paracurve burst: Sharpest of the falling knives. Pull of gravity tremendous. Very Depressing.
Note: Characteristics of parabolic curve is not intended for cyber but for the pattern itself.



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Mega cross sale worth 3.8B pesos were executed today at 300 pesos per share. Is this the last block sale? I don’t know but basing on the best offer of 295, there are some who are think 300 is enough.

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Meralco stocks continue hot streak

Meralco stocks continue hot streak
By Zinnia B. Dela Peña Updated July 29, 2009 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Shares of power utility giant Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) continued its hot streak as its price zoomed up 21.1 percent yesterday on renewed speculations the company’s major shareholders are on a sustained buying binge to tighten their grip on the company.

Meralco shares peaked at P275 per share before closing at a new record high of P272.50 yesterday, an increase of P47.50 from the previous close of P225.

A total of 3.08 (million) shares were crossed at the market yesterday valued at P787.96 million, including two block sales facilitated by Macquarie Securities Philippines Inc. and Summit Securities. Data from the Philippine Stock Exchange showed 1.598 million shares were sold in two transactions consisting of 829,000 shares at P251 each share and 769,000 shares at P250 apiece.
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Meralco (PSE: MER)

On Broker’s Analysis
Huge crosses again mostly at 250/share. My boss is happy as he was amongst those who executed 1 of the 3 blocks (other 2 were Wealth and Macquarie Securities).

Daily Chart

Weekly Chart

Monthly Chart

It just came to my mind, how many points did Meralco’s 5-fold rise contributed to the PSE index?

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Pepsi (PSE: PIP)

Daily Chart
My “dream” target still stands at 2.70/share, but there will be ups and downs, ofcourse.
Personal disclosure: Sold some for my clients as 1.70 target achieved.


On Broker’s Analysis
Foreign brokers started buying pip since Monday. My house is the biggest seller today on client’s profit taking.

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Euro/Usd Daily Chart

After the fact analysis of 15 min chart. For reference only.

Daily Chart

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Nihao (PSE: NI)


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