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Gold Bottom Update

For reference:
Previously on 24, I mean from gold bottom analysis: I was targeting gold to bottom from this correction to materialize yesterday, wednesday until friday.

Update: gold bottom target til friday. although it made a low of 1156+ yesterday, my personal bet is it will dip below that level tomorrow 10am NY time (that’s 10pm my time, Friday, July 30) as wedge theory suggested.


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Philippine National Bank (PSE: PNB)

For reference only.

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Metrobank (PSE:MBT)

daily chart

weekly chart

after the fact. completed rounding bottom
intraday readings: closing at 57 triggered a divergence that selling was overdone.
condition: must not touch 56 as this will negate divergence and turn into sell confirmation.
weekly chart
possible scenario: may form a cup and handle. weekly still up but current correction may form a handle. expect then mbt to touch 49-51 then lets see if pattern materializes for a big surge.

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For Reference: EURO/USD & Gold Chart

euro/usd – trend is currently up
gold – down. expect bottoming next week (wed to fri).
just a reference. caveat.

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Pax. Again?

My never ending saga stock pick that became the laughing stock of many, hated by multitudes and loved by only me. What can i do?

For 2 weeks now CLSA have been accumulating my baby at 1.82, but cant get enough shares as the stock became illiquid. Funny, it did try to “discourage” hopeful investors like me as CLSA did some marginal selling last week. This strategy didnt help as no sellers wanted to sell more at 1.82.. Today CLSA increased its bid price to 1.84 and bid volume. This move signal traders that he was faking his selling and wanted to buy more. The stock is currently up 8 cents at 1.90 (4.4%), with a high of 1.96. However we’ve see nhow PAX being played upon and only to fizzled out the next day or too. Traders are not holding this baby for too long. PAX needs CLSA to sustain any ascent.

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Philippine Stocks – Ayala Corp & Globe Telecoms

Ayala Corp (PSE: AC)

GLOBE Telecoms (PSE:GLO)

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“Just a Click of Your Time”

Spyfrat's Call