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Dengue Cure

pls google “tawa tawa dengue” or “tawa tawa plant”. it’s a grass. first boil water, 1/2 liter. if water boils already put the plant and have it boiled for 2 minutes.water changes color to light-dark brown depending on the amount of plant u put.let it cool.strain. and give to patient with dengue.just drink like water. it smells like corn. other i know use this for people who have platelet disease. very powerful grass.

it’s herbal medicine and have not been tested thru clinical studies. many people i know have been cured, even dying patients who were bleeding managed to get cured in 1-2days niece got healed. my officemate’s husband who was treated in hospital for 5 days have drink this grass, next day he went home healed.very simple plant. im not joking and i share coz dengue is a very serious problem now. Godbless to all.

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Gold Traget

So far we have gold bottoming last week (wednesday to be exact, my personal bet was friday. after the fact i can now clearly see where should i put that trendline). Now for the bullish scenario. I can see the 1292 target winking but i need to see gold pierced convincingly the 1188 level. premature to say yet but im fixing my eyes on the aug 25-27 dates for that matter. Again, i set 3 days because of trendline’s positioning. caveat.

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