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Fil – Estate Land (PSE: LND)

For epgarias of
He said “You mention it was forming a wedge and your expecting about two before the move. I would appreciate it if you can show me a chart and explain how the wedge was use in LND.”

Last Wednesday i said..

LND: holding to its support both on price and RSI. bullish wedge/flag forming, i expect this pattern to materialize soon (within 2 days).

This i apologized as it was never clear. here’s the chart.

the 2 days was for the wedge to materialize the said formation. Meaning it is done. As to its target, the long vertical line is the target date (wedge theory). Unfortunately most of my works were “erased” when stopped operation. And the notes made by Judy Sawyer (my mentor) was destroyed by flood. I’ll try to look for references in my photobucket account over the weekend.


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closed all positions. Need to sleep.

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FX Open Trading Championship – Day 5

Major changes happened last night on the current top 10 competitors. Unfortunately the top 2 players with huge gains were fiercely competing neck to neck that they have put a lot of risk by placing 1000 lots orders. This didn’t bode well for them. There are players who tried their bravery and ended up of the same fate. Lots of margin calls happened last night, luckily i was not one of them. Hope i maintain my discipline but i must admit, there were times since yesterday that i plan to place a 1000 lot order just to catch up with the game.
For far luck has put me in the top 5.

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FX Open trading Championships – Day 4

Inside the top 10. Lucky number 8.
Number 1 player made a nice profit which if liquidated will catapult his lead with a gain of over 3000%.

just added:
now at number 6

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Lopez Holdings Corp (PSE: LPZ)

Will the RSI support holds?

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Philippine Flag

#13. Forget the name, it’s not important, but it made me proud to see the Philippine Flag.

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FX Open Trading Championship

Started Oct 25 and will end 1 month after (Nov. 25).
Top players are incredibly amazing. betting as much as 1000 lots!!!! and the gains for only 2-3 days of playing is an out of this world testament that forex is a make or break investment…that is if you treated it as a game. Kudos to the top player with more than 1000% gain in 3 days. Damit!

The Philippine flag is nowhere to be found yet. I wonder if I’m the only pinoy who have joined.

Top players

My contest account

Big bucks at stake. As much as $3,500 in total prizes. These are all demo account. Nothing to loss here except sleep and time. That i can spare…. zzzz i’m so sleepy… can’t stop trading… prizes.. need to win.. i’m…zzzz


I wanna be a billionaire so fricking bad
buy all of the things I never had
uh, I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine
smiling next to Oprah and the Queen

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