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Staying Alive

The daily charts of the blues (much more the junks) are no good. Most have already burst their parabolics way back then. Their weekly chart is on the edge. So to speak, most are barely…staying alive. The Exodus 2011 was base on a pattern called parabolic curve. In my experience, this is the mother of all patterns. A paraburst is an investor’s nightmare. Fortunately, even with this kind of market cruelty, there’s still exist an opportunity. Even if the PSEi will succumb back to fill the gap at 3600 and later on, end the year at 2600- 2800, there will be stocks to play with. I emphasize the word play because in this kind of market, wherein a parabolic burst is the main culprit, overall case is that, fundamentals will be highly ignore. unfortunately, what drives the markets to do a parabolic spike is the presence of fhm, an exodus herein – catastrophic, just like what is happening now.
On a big down day, for those who can monitor the markets a little play the bounce will keep you busy all day. pls if you cant monitor stock movement, forget this play.

BDO weekly


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Watta guy

8pm. My family are I were watching American Idol Season 10. We cried.

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God is great

More blessings. Congrats to my elder brother for passing his board examination in the Written Phase of the
Held on JANUARY 22 & 23, 2011.
He’s already a licensed mechanical engineer but needed a license in marine engineering to get promoted. Thank you God for this so much blessings.

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The Tree of Life

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Manila Mining (PS:MA)
Broker’s activity hints the big boys are into this. What’s cooking is definitely not burn. For the time being…
On Ollie’s Journal, Asiasec and Mandarin are RSA’s known brokers. FYAP is associated with Felipe Yap, Manila Mining’s owner.

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Surprise Surprise

Have you biten any hotdogs lately? Well this one surely is a history. Last time the market had a surprise like this was many years ago. It was when Best World resources (the famous BW scandalous stock that went from a buck to 100 plus per share). But Purefoods bested all of those who have gone parabolics. All it take was being illiquid, 100 shares or so, a COL account, and a few days to catapult the price of PF from 400 or so to 3,000 per share, making the company as the new stockzilla of the Philippine market. If you asked about San Miguel Properties rise, It is not valid as there were no shares on the market. PF on the other hand have been in the PSE for many many years but illiquid.
Who says you need a fortune to make a stock rise in atmosphere? It’s all a myth now. Welcome to the Philippine Stock Exchange.

(Below is Ollie’s Journal, superb journal, lots of information)

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American Insurance Group (AIG)

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