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US Natural Gas Fund – UNG

Weekly chart is getting interesting.


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Southeast Asia Cement Holdings, Inc. – CMT

CMT Weekly

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Philex Mining – PX

RSI 70 is the key. Break that wall and you got the mother of parabolics. Wave 3 is most profitable waves of the parabolic. Unimaginable return.

Earlier, nice try but failed. Respect the wall and conquer. Let’s us see in the coming days.
PX weekly

PX Monthly

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The Laughing Stock – Philex Mining – PX

Remember this?

px 201

Honestly readers here got a good laugh last year 🙂 me included. And once again, just for the fun of it. Now this is a laughing stock and i love it. Here’s the latest.

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Company Stats: PLDT & Chinabank

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Manila Mining – MA

Gap threat

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Philippine Stock Exchange Index – PSEi

Double top is the dominating pattern.

previous PSEI weekly chart shows the wall held its doors to the bulls.

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