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Atlas Cons. Mining and Dev’t Corp.

RSI wall. Atlas in danger of divergence. To void such threat, it needs to break that wall. Surge if wall taken.
TA consideration: Open 20.50, must not close below that. If long, trail stop if price dips below open.


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Linear Chart and Semi-Log Chart

Here are two types of AEV charts. Weekly.

For the Linear chart. Suitable for parabolic wave count and for identifying stock chart patterns.

For Semi-Log chart. Ideal for swing trading i guess as degree of slope suit best for the said technique. As the price rises though, i find it difficult to look for chart patterns that may arise.

For consistency of practicing technical analysis, one must choose a single type of chart that suited him or her best. imho.

Further readings about charts can be found best at

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Oriental Peninsula Resources Group, Inc.

daily nice break from downtrendline but the surge have awaken divergence. buying on follow thru surge is a no no for newbies.

edit add update on divergence. level to sell

ORE Daily

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Warning to Newbies

Dont be fooled by fake bids. Dont ever post before 9:15am
Will tell you why later at

edit add:

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APO update – AT clue?

Wil APO’s fall today means a weak Atlas tomorrow?

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Stock Market Pilipinas Blog

Empowering the Filipino Trader.


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Jollibee Foods Corp – JFC

Kiss of 50ma weekly. Down trendline broken?
83 base. 7% to 10% bounce play means a target of 88.80 to 91.30

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