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China Bank

Started at piso or less per share (adjusted price) last Jan-Feb of 1989.
Dividend History of CHIB

Historical prices


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JFC History

For Reference: Cash div given since 2003 totaled 7.27 pesos per share. Got no dividend data since start. Sorry my tstock can only provide since 2003.

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Im so sorry, no updates until thursday. Will be back next week or the latest this friday. thanks.

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Maam Aiz’s Request + 1




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Connect the dots

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Alliance Select Foods Int’l, Inc. (PSE: FOOD)

Wall is peg at 50ma weekly at 1.33 (200ma is at 1.35)

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Getting clues on the biggies

this trademark i know, they love to use fake volume.
LC Pre post before cancellation

Just before 9:15am

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