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Theory of Parabolic Tops

Question was raised by Mam Goldcambist at

Spyfrat Wrote: RSI Alert – AAA
@ 3.72 RSI Daily surpass 80 and Weekly in a parabolic state.

goldcambist : sir Spy, what do you mean?
The theory behind parabolic tops:
maam goldcambist… rsi alert yan ng parabolics. it suggest that in a parabolic state (rsi > 70 using rsi 30), kapag ang rsi daily supercedes or higher than rsi weekly (specially 80 level ang daily) it suggest a parabolic top at babagsak na yung price. said price thus was emotionally driven (emotional spike theory) and short term in nature. sadly very little studies related to parabolics can only be found in the net, thus the need to further explore what i consider the mother of all stock chart patterns. the rsi thing its just a theory maam but so far im not complaining.

Will post charts again of various parabolic tops like MIC BHI AAi AAA to name a few later(can be found here in the blog)


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@ 3.72 RSI Daily surpass 80 and Weekly in a parabolic state.
AAA Daily

AAA Weekly

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Forex Trade

Euro/Usd scalp


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PSEi – We have a big problem

Few weeks back I posted the long term chart of PSEi. I have identified a month divergence that is quite worrisome. Here’s why.

Yesterday i was discussing with a foreign client about a certain bearish pattern on silver. early last week he mentioned something that caught my interest. This bearish pattern have managed to penetrate our very own psei last friday.

Elliot Master Chanerm of FM and I discussed about this pattern yesterday as i wanted a second opinion.

We hope this bearish pattern will negate right away.

SMP Assignment: What is this pattern?
Clue: This is a combination of 2 moving averages. One short term and One long term. I will post the charts in awhile.

Psei death cross. Pls take due diligence and search death cross on google. there’s some article i read that calls death cross a useless pattern, some uses it too. anyways, here’s the psei chart.

With credit to Sir Vester of SMP in spotting this last Nov 21.

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Forex Tips

Monitor europe futures and dow futures. currently dow is down 120 pts and europe is in the red. 15mins – 30mins before europe opens at 4pm philippine time, if the trend is still down, i short the euro and scalp 15-20pips. here’s one example.

note however, tihs is in line with the system i use. price is below the bands and rsi <50.

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Forex Trade

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BW out, the NEW PSE is IN

The mother of all scams in the philippine stock exchange was no other than the defunct Best World Resources or simply called BW. Insider trading, stock price jockeying, broker’s pasaload, hypes, pump and dump, you name it BW got all the skunks of the earth. Well,,, NOT UNTIL what have happened for the past weeks or so.

The new PSE have opened the doors to pandora that the once mother of all scams have turned into a tiny lily, or just a puny worthless garbage play.

Our stock exchange have been an unprecedented safe haven for garbage rumors as of late. A safe haven for manipulators and jockeys eating raw flesh of their victims, the newbies. Never did i seen this kind of huge magnitude for the last 15 yrs or so a monstrous lust of greed and garbage. So huge that i bet my cute behind (at least that’s what my wife says), lots of new investors will get burned.

Our stock exchange have been the milking cows of those who spread the rumor fast and furious. These have been the plays for weeks now in our beloved stock exchange. The garbage plays have created a fad of multiple ceiling left and right. Yet, all’s well with our exchanges.

We are now in an era where the NEW NORMAL for the PSE is GARBAGE!
Move over BW, PSE is IN..SEC can join too.

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