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AGP & Nihao

Facing RSI support.



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CPG – Possible kiss of 50 MA weekly

CPG now kiss its 50ma weekly as RSI nearing level 50

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EDC Gap fill

Gap present at 4.79-4.84, got partial fill when edc dropped at 4.83 low earlier.

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BEL – kiss of 50ma weekly

4.01 x 1.07 to 1.10 = 4.29 to 4.41

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Aviso & Thoughts on MRC/CPG/Aboitiz

sorry been loaded with lots of paper works that even on ym and texts/emails i cant hardly replied. im on my own, no partner.
got lots of inquiry as well on the named stocks above. for a quick reply i may say, i cannot reco a buy on the aboitizes anymore as the charts i posted were more than a week ago.
for cpg, i dont know where those shares coming from, the only theoryi have back then were is that cayman accounts are dumping it. just a theory. i dont know where the support as i havent look at cpg as of late.
for mrc, a friend of mine texted me earlier it have broken 0.25 and made a new low coz probably of the planned rights. for the nth time newbies have been warned about this stock. i dont know the support either. the 0.20 level is not a guaranteed support. if im an insider and i have been dumping pooh on you the investors, i will kill my stock and broke hell on it. pushing the price below the 0.20 offer price so that a few will just subscribed to it. then what? then i have an instant buyback of my shares dumped at higher prices. easy. but then again i dont have any clue.

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EIP Stock?

600/share last 1997. This is my US stock YRC World wide (YRCW) whos trading now at $12 level compared to $40k plus 3 yrs ago.

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DFNN Update

RSI support wall managed to hold.

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