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Saigon Kick, PSEi Parabolic Update Part 2 and the Apple, Inc – Parabolics Many Faces

If fundies loved force selling like what they did to EDC yesterday at the close and today they did the same with GLO. I’ll do the forced viewing of Saigon Kick’s masterpiece. *ngisi* i remember kinakanta ko dati to nung college pa ako… habang naliligo.

PSEi Monthly Chart
All periods of parabolics existed only a 3rd time from 1987 to 2013.

Apple, Inc (AAPL)


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Petra – In the Likenes of You

Words and music by John Lawry and John Elefante
Based on Psalm 17:15
Complete Lyrics Here

Men dream of fortune and fame
Making the rules, naming the game
And men dream of things they can hold
Money and power, silver and gold
Jesus, I’m dreaming of You
Take me and melt me, mold me
Until I am complete

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PSEi – All 3 charts are Parabolics

It was in 1993 and 2007 that the PSEI’s 3 periods (daily, weekly and monthly) went parabolics. This is the 3rd since 1987. There were pros and cons. The cons is a bit dramatic specially the 2007 paraburst. to be cont. *bitin*

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Parabolic Alert – TA

At 1.76
RSI daily is 79.28
RSI weekly is 76.02
Status of parabolic is high risk.

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Hit All You Can

Fundies on PSEi.

Fast forward. bear market. fundies on a diet.

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Reference Chart – AGI

Daily Chart

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Reference Chart – ATLAS gap play

Daily Chart

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