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PHR (Parabolic High Risk) – PGOLD

@ 42.85 – 43


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Reference Chart – PX


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Parabolic Alert (PHR Alert) – ARA

Parabolic High Risk @ 2.22

correction 2.24
both rsi daily and weekly at 80.47

edit add
@ 2.26
rsi daily is at 80.69
rsi weekly is at 80.63

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Reference Chart – APM

Watch the divergencem prone to whipsaws and corrections. if void then good. if breach rsi 70 then better. weekly rsi is still parabolic for apm.

sagot sa isang senorita….
hi maam, congrats sa apm nyo. basta gain oks na ah.
weekly parabolic is still good sa apm. daily though, yung akyat nya kahapon may nabuong bearish divergence. chika dati was since 15 ang tag price, jockeys are pushing this up para may mag avail ng sro later raw at 15, well chika lang naman.

ang maganda dito is if apm breach that prev rsi high and went parabolic. kaya ang 20 or near that cguro. alalay lang maam. mahirap rin kaisng espellin ang galaw nito. ngat n God bless always.

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It’s all Fun

One teaser a parabolic pattern got in its arsenal is that it will makes us comfortable by doing the uncomfortable. the last leg up is common to form a v pattern or do intraday big dips. despite many beginnings, one this is certain, parabolics has only one ending. until til, it’s all fun, fun and more fun.

pahabol: kaninang early trades up tayo ng 56pts, now 2 pts na lang. *ngisi ala genkumag*

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Panic Sell?

Saw XXX broker even sold preferred shares. dang. i thought preferred shares do pretty well once market do a deep one. so why sell? i missed his cloud selling (was waiting at 3.85),
13:48:32 3.87 26,000 PAPA XXX

13:46:56 15.00 3,500 GD_TAN XXX
13:46:56 16.50 2,000 FIRSTMET XXX
13:46:56 16.50 1,000 RTG XXX
13:46:56 16.52 1,000 GD_TAN XXX

if im that lucky dude at 15. ill post sell right away at 16.50 or so.

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Reference Chart – Bloom

Daily and Weekly Charts
Daily nauntog sa price and rsi. its understandable kasi hinintay talaga nito ang weekly gumanda. for reference only.



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