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doing some “work in progress”

to all my bosses who inspired me in sharing our thoughts, i thank you all.
all charts, ideas found here are for sharing. if found useful pls share to others. pls pay it forward.
if things worked out, this will be my last post as spyfrat. if not, tuloy ang ligaya. *gigols*



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Thank You Senors and Senoritas for our Operation Tuli

Added May 2, 2013
From SMP Admins


As promised, here is the report on the Summer Medical Mission Operation TULI

The TULI Mission
7am-2pm April 27, 2013

Well, the mission has been a success and many thanks to those that have helped make the Medical Mission possible. Thanks to our donors, the medical staff, the various stock market forums Traders Info Exchange and StockMarketPILIPINAS, the local barangay officials of Barangay 351 Zone 35 led by Chairman JonJon Logarta but most especially to Glen and Francis that spearheaded the said mission. Those kids are now men.

The mission started with the assembly first of the medical staff, we met them at the UST Hospital. They are all from the Titans Fraternity and Sorority and they have been doing this mission for years already with this mission just among the many they have done for this year. Youthful and enthusiastic, they showed camaraderie performing the Tuli Mission. Never resting until all is over. As for the casualties, the kids had their own emotions as well. Anxiety, dread, panic, pain they draw their strength from their collectivity. These kids ventured into the unknown armed only with hope that their ordeal would come to an end as soon as possible . As they lay on the operating tables, some clenched on their fists in agony, bit their lips, shouted “inay!” hihi , requested additional anesthesia shot. They gathered and mustered all strength possible to enable them to pass this symbolic right of passage into manhood. Some kids though, got the chicken and fled the scene after seeing and hearing all the groans and shouts of their friends that were being operated on but all the rest faced their fears and many came out smiling in the end. They walked like men….paika-ika nga lang haha

The local officials and the Barangay Kagawads were all ecstatic too having taken part in this charitable program. The medical staff too were all happy fulfilling their mission up to the last kid to be circumcised.

Thanks Glen and Francis but thanks mostly to the Mission’s Donors whom without which this Charity Event would not have been a success.

Pictures posted also here’s the link


From SMP Admins and yours trulala, thank you very much from the bottom of our hypothalamus.

SMP would like to thank all who contributed. we could not have done it without you. Maraming maraming salamat po.

Medical mission
Summer time is a time when people have no other choice but to frolic under the sun. But summer may not necessarily be spent playing or swimming but also taking advantage to do things that cannot be done in other months of the year.

With the generous cooperation of Barangay 351 Zone 35 under Chairman JonJon Logarta and Stock Market Pilipinas partnering with UST Faculty of Arts and Letters, the project Operation Circumcision was conducted. The participation and support of benefactors and friends helped accomplish our objective of circumcising a big number of children. We do this done to promote health and hygiene to our young people.

With the success of the project, the group is banking on other medical missions in new places where help and assistance are of an immediate concern.
relevant pics will be posted and proper say of thanks will be posted soon. Thank you all.

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The New Mining

Casino-Gaming stocks? Nahhhh. In their dreams.

Paalala lang po sa PAX. Down ka ng 0.25 or mahigit 8%, hindi ka po gaming stocks. Wag manggaya. Wala ka na ngang ginawa sa bull market na to, nakisama ka pa sa mga bumagsak. Kidding aside, pax is mandated to report its 2012 annual FS and have filed for a 15-day extension (april 15 yung filing). So dapat today ang deadline? nak ng tilapiang kulay furfle oo.

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Reference Chart – APM in the edge of the cliff

Last April 20, Senor Genkumag spotted a pattern similarities between NI and APM. (See reblog article on that date).

In his post, he said.
Don’t get me wrong. I like the APM story. I like the stock since it has the distinct record of being the number one ranked stock in our black box for three months straight. I’ve even included it as the top name in the BoH report just published. Still I cannot ignore two things: (1) potential three pushes transition and (2) pattern similarity in terms of consolidation with NI. Because honestly, its recent movements are not exactly the stuff that breakouts are made of. But let’s see.

A follow up post was made soon after.

Recent chart shows (chart made before trading time today), APM is now trading both the trendline and 50ma supports level with rsi (shown in green line) acting as support (+ rsi level 50). Also noticeable is APM’s weekly parabolic status which is near the rsi level 70 (will act as major support). Having all these supports mean APM is in a level with huge arsenal on its favor. A veteran trader may swing play on these supports with tight stops. With all these arsenals, a breakdown on those walls could trigger another wave of selling.

APM Daily

APM Weekly

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Paxys Inc. (PAX): Potential Breakout Candidate

April 26, 2013 at 9:16 pm 1 comment

Bankard Inc. (BKD): Potential DIZ Parabolic Set-Up (Coming Soon)

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MCP crosses is good and BLOOM answered back

PEP was a pain yesterday and even earlier. now they crosses. i think this is good.

since last week, bloom was hated by most big houses. only the small ones, the lovable and the cutest houses bought. i almost pee when Bloom was simultaneously reco’d as a sell. what i did was go downstairs and pee at the ducati.

now i wish there was a ducati. nuf said.

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