Kaldereta at iba pa

June 21, 2013 at 9:07 am Leave a comment

Boston’s piece of art is an appropriate music for today’s trading. I just remember the jedi mind, the ksp.. i mean the esp ek ek and the goats. i also remember zohan.

btw here’s a little message from a cute guy who calls himself hulktheplatypus

Jitka Samak posted in BoH Bettor Society
Have been talking to local barbers and clients…
10:22pm Jun 20
Have been talking to local barbers and clients the past couple of days and the impression I get is that most are in cash and are getting antsy about being left behind.

We think there’s too many noise coming out from local barbers (as we predicted previously). We think they have been communicating the wrong message and that the worst mistake investors can make is to worry about being in cash.

We are convinced that locals are underestimating the global repositioning theme with most not considering the possibility of a prolonged exodus. What our conversations have also told us is that locals will get the timing wrong and will be the ones to lend fuel for the subsequent waterfall below 5800.

As a reminder, to be early is to be wrong. We can’t add anything more to that.

enjoy the song


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