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PAX & ACR this is for you


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Who wants to buy a blue chip company at 90% discount?

Im serious. check this out.

Stock Name: John “The Gun” Mangun
Stock Code: Joh *gigols*, i mean JM

For about P1000……

you can look at a 5-star hotel dinner buffet….
or……….buy 5 bags of cement
or……….attend my seminar, “Make Money With Stocks: Invest Like It’s a Business (and Not a Casino)” on September 14, 2013, 8:00am-12:00pm, at the PSE Auditorium,Tektite Towers.

super dami topics. dami matutunan. lotsa real stuffs in his material

more details at

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on LC

client friend: spy bili na tayo? nag .60 na, sarap mag buy back.
cutie spy: hinahanap ko pa balls of steel ko. palitan ko muna tong itlog ko.

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PXP, LC Charts Updates + Meg Note

PXP is one classic example of PAD (pump and dump). Lots of instances PXP was toyed like a rog doll.
On its glory days, PXP is one of the stuntmen ego stock.

LC, nice return moved. base on the pattern below, will it do a pxp spike? in this case .80 or near. lets see.

On MEG, previously we pointed out the bearish pattern last July 26 on our NewL!tter 2.
Today we saw MEG dipped below its 20% from the low of 3.30. For now ill just wait a little bit more to make a position.

PXP Daily + LC Update


Previous Chart of PXP

Previous LC notes
pd: re LC LCB, nag bitaw na ako, cant monitor fully well. may LR pa akong pinoproblem, nak ng pating na kulay furfol oo, nagbigay pa sila ng bonus na 500k sa mga directors, yun naman pala mali mali pa ang cash divs na dinisclose.

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Reference Charts – MARC & LTG

Marc daily. Breakout set-up.

LTG Daily. Major channel supports.

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Good News

Sabi ng tenant sa baba namin…

Nan, nag gigym ka ba? Pumayat ka ah.
Reli? Hindi po maam hehe.. palagi gulay kasi kinakain ko kung lunch e.

Ganda ng umaga talaga… *gigols*
Dalawa lang maaring mangyari.. 1) nagsasabi sya ng totoo, 2) bebentahan ako ng avon mamaya

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Reference Charts – Cosco, PGold & Mcp Update + TA and RSI importance

Prviously. Last July 25, we post charts of Cosco, Pgold and Mcp.

now the updates.
Cosco Daily

Plus TA and importance of RSI in breakouts

TA Daily

TA yahoo chat

PGold Daily

Mcp Daily

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