NewsL!tter 5 – Lost in Time and Space

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First, the index did not give me the luxury of acing the return move back to at least 7,000 this august to sept. the re-test was a dull although its not yet september but the script of our “kodigo” is now in question. The re-test which was supposed to be the greatest bull trap ever is now a far fetch theory. The return move back to 6800 last week was an “untog” base on the 20% from low theory (5678 x 1.20). So much ek ek. Earlier i posted something like …

base sa technicals, ang bagsak na to ay over acting bwehehehe
na full gap fill tuloy ng market ang naiwang gap nya nung june 27, 2013 sa may 6130s
may bounce tayong ina anticipate base sa isang full gap fill na theory pero ang target ay hangang mid 6400s lang muna..

nasira na yung script ng parabolic gold 2011 na kung saan ang retest target natin dati ay min of 7k sana… hangang low 6800 lang kaya ng psei dati.. yung 6100 target na yr end ay olats rin kasi kanina ng below pa. so mali na ang script ng kodigo natin sa ngayon.

pag aralan ko yung aaple chart ulit kung yung bagsak today ay pwede maging W pattern ng psei, tulad sa nagyayari sa apple chart sa ngayon. kung mangyari yan, may konting ginhawa tayo sa hinaharap.

for now, intraday bounce cguro muna.

the link above highlighted the likely scenario of psei mimicking the parabolic face of gold last 2011.

Condition: PSEi > 6245
Parabolic face comparison: PSEi 1Q 2009 to present with projected completion of Gold’s Parabolic Face of 2011 to end 1Q 2014
PSEi A – Target 7,000, overshoot retest of 7400 around Aug to Sept 2013
PSEi B – Target 6,100 to 6,300 for year end
PSEi C – Target 4,500 levels 1Q of 2014

The psei just negated such condition as it breach our 6245 higher limit of the kiss of 50ma weekly way back then ( kiss 50ma weekly low bar of 5678 x 1.10). that 6245 being the 10% target of the kiss.

with an intraday low of -450 points. the psei is lost in time and space… or not.

to be cont… lapit na trading

Secondly, the Peso breach the 44 level again today with enough momentum to hit our rounding bottom target way before, but time and space is in question

Peso Daily Chart

to be cont…


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