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Reference Chart – SUN and its precedence

Last August 23, 2013, we talked about SUN’s precedence pattern. Here we explore various scenario of its precedence pattern.

then on Sept 2, 2013 Sun is beginning to show its pattern, a sym triangle.

Unfortunately it broke down.

Here’s an update.


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Reference Chart – PIP

Pip needs Coke as the latter adds life.
Trade the rsi not the price.

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For Newbies Only

PowerPoint presentation held at Univ of San Agustin last friday.
topics included:

Newbies Mistakes
Services Offered by Traditional Brokers
How to pick the Right Stock
How to become a Successful Market Trader (ek ek na topic to)
The Perfect Stock

link for download

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Reference Chart – GSMI (The mother of all chart patterns)

GSMI @ Parabolic Status on its daily chart
Parabolics – The mother on all chart patterns have occurred last Friday @ GSMI. This a trader’s friend or foe pattern. Ride this one on the way up is all smiles, bit never ever on its burst.

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Gsmi is now parabolic

to know more pls visit smp forum..

also power point presentation of seminar earlier is posted at smp forum

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This “was” my song

I was so down and full of pain. I remember cuddling my baby doter as she sleeps on my lap. The music of SOAD is the one im always playing each time im with my baby. You must be thinking now how hard ass i am when i let my baby fall to sleep with this kind of sh!t. Syempre low volume naman.

I can relate well so to speak. Countless of times ive been dead and sometimes i just woke up in the middle of the night and watch my family sleeping while tears falling on my eyes. I feel peace whenever i see them sleeping. ika nga sa isang kanta “sleep is the only freedom that i know”.

Without my faith in God, I could have been dead literally.

Now i know why He put me on that predicament. Funny sometimes when you let yourself goes back in time.

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Song is about Child Abuse (i guess)

The Unforgiven

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