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Reference Chart – SCC

Daily Chart with samples of parabolics and its burst.
SCC materializing precedence pattern. a visible triangle is forming though. be cautious on the 270 level and rsi support wall below 55.


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The Wonders of Parabolics

Another wonders of parabolics both in space and time.
With say of thanks to senor Warren DC.
Gold Monthly (1970 to 1982)

PSEi weekly (2003 to 2008)

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Reference Chart – ALI’s Parabolic in both Space & Time

Weekly Chart

Previous Parabolics in both Space and Time
Post last July 4, 2013

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Reference Chart – LPZ

Weekly Chart. LPZ on possible reversal of fate base on multiple push down theory.
I got interested on 3 pushes high, 3 pushes down, multiple pushes theories because of senor Jitka of BoH (Betting on Harmonics) and Senor Wilson of Wave Tips Family.

Related material:

For Chart comparison, here’s SMC’s previous materials.


Here’s LPZ Weekly Chart

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JFC’s Super Cycle Parabolic Pattern

Jollibee’s Super Cycle Parabolic Patter. It started last 2002. That’s 11 years and… counting, or about to end? Sorry. That’s not mine to answer.

But, How does a super cycle looked like is mine to share. here’s an old article of OIL, way back when most foreign analyst went gaga for that $200 a barrel target. There’s this nobody but a cute guy who likes to draw a little there and a little here, and was obsessed with parabolics. Here’s a blow by blow account of OIL’s super cycle parabolics 5 years ago. Note the $40 target coming from the cycle super that ended at near $150/bbl or so. Note the 3Q 2008 target for OIL’s paraburst. if my memory serves me right, the burst happened last July of 2008 (topped near $150/bbl). It was one of the best parabolic phenomenon ive seen. nuf with the cuteness. still im a nobody *gigols*.

Here’s a teaser chart of Oil’s Paraburst of 2008. Chart is best viewed if you click the link as it wont fit automatically.

gold's paraburst july 2008

Please check more charts at this link

JFC Monthly Chart

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Reference Chart – MCP

MCP Daily Chart

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Curious lang kanina sa news

Throwup Thursday, nakakasuka? nah i’m mean.. opsss I mean, throwback thursday. In 2010 AB price surged.
Me thinks ahem ahem.

AB Chart. Note the surged in price last Oct of 2010.

Ang sabi sa news (

The sale

Atok had claimed before the Makati court that Intex reneged on the sale of 100% of a nickel mine in a 9,720-hectare property in the island of Mindoro.

Atok’s authorized representatives, including Ongpin, met on October 7, 2010 with Intex ASA, represented by Grimstad, after the Norwegian firm offered to sell its entire equity in a wholly-owned subsidiary Intex AS, which, in turn, controls the nickel mining project.

The proposed consideration was for $10 million in cash and 300 million in new Atok shares, which was then valued at around $450 million.

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