Newbies Please Learn This Lesson – illiquids 101

October 2, 2013 at 10:09 am Leave a comment

Last Sept 25, We warned newbies not to participate on MVC’s egoistic run. At the SMP Forum we exposed such waste of money. My words may be harsh but i simply hate such disgusting show of stupidity. Im an idiot myself but not to the extent of using my ego to mark my portfolio in green. This is always the case for new investors with little or no emotional maturity who uses an online platform. They simply like messing their money by using a board and hit up. Had they been my client, your ass will be swollen red from my spanking. Nuf said. Im pissed.
The bids and ask prices are too far. For 2 days the ego here is so tremendous, that they or he or she tried to mark mvc at ceiling. this to make appear as if something is brewing. This is pure non sense waste of money. To the newbie who is doing this, i may speak a bit harsh but you needed it. Quit now mate, it will do you more harm. more at smp forum

Today’s MVC bid and ask
MVC – Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation

5,000 2.15 3.10 2,000
1,000 2.12 3.11 2,000
10,000 1.91 3.20 2,000
84,000 1.90 3.25 5,000
20,000 1.70 3.30 7,000


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