Star Wars invade the PSE

October 3, 2013 at 10:12 am Leave a comment

Check Section 1.8 of IMP disclosure today. Im slow today, are they venturing into making cold storage for corpses? or sort of a memorial park. Also Section 1.90, what’s with the robots and drones? Man!

The company disclosed that they will help fisherfolks and farmers too. That’s a very noble act. I can relate well to that. My papi is a farmer and i venture to watermelons farming not so long ago. I have been into seaweeds farming as well. Please dont tell me that IMP will now stands for I’M Pork or will changed its symbol to DAP (Damn Another Pork).

Kidding aside, my tiny brain tells me this could mean anything. I sense the company is gearing to be the first CSR listed company. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Mining companies do have their own CSRs as well as big corporations. They spend millions for their CSR. It’s like an ISO something or i could be wrong.

Now if IMP will be a CSR comnpany, it could … say, hey PX, can we do your CSR thing? Hey JG how about you. Sup sup Ramonito yo. lets talk about SMC’s plans for the watersheds. Things like that.

Fast forward say a decade from now.

IMP got most CSRs of big companies. They build schools here ,there and far over there. They build irrigation for farmers so that they can plant trice yearly, They build wind and solar power-plant and stuffs relating to green renewable energy. They build roads and bridges. They make esteros clean, the kalye free from basura. They make the whole manila flood free. In short big companies fund them for their csr needs. Bottomline, IMP could build a massive influences coming from the higher ops to lgus down to the baranggay levels. IMP could build a dynasty of political, judiciary and legislative clouts someday.

Bottom line if my brain is working, my thoughts can travel far away more than i could imagine.

here’s IMP’s disclosure.



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