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BHI Disclosure


ek ek

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Istorya Kuris kuris

AL: Parts pirdi ko sa bidding. pugars nga esmi
Basurero: Teh panu na
AL: dayunon ko deal kay panoy ah
Basusero: Ay te pwerte

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Reference Chart – CPG

Some guide. Green horizontal line as key pivot.

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Reference Chart _ Philex

Getting ready.

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Otto Energy Disclosures for TA and GALOC (Pxp, Opm, Ov)

Since i cannot attached disclosures to FB. Here it is guys .
Companies involved on the said disclosure are TA, PXP, OPM and OV.
Source: Australian Stock Exchange



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Reference Only

Based on experience, on how to pick stocks as long term investment

Stock Market Seminar Sept 27 2013(2)

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Reference Charts – PSEi JFC SM (No Name Pattern)

NNP – No Name Patter… yet but said pattern is common to stocks having a parabolic curve pattern
Im searching for more comparisons.
This is for reference only
PSEi Weekly

SM Weekly


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Reference Chart – CPG

Previously last Oct 2, we hinted a rsi breakout will equate to a nice smile. Unfortunately, it broke down again after hitting 2.

Here’s the latest

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Forex Trade Idea: Aud/Usd

15 min buy/cover signal coming from 0.9423 sell/short signal. place stop on your discretion. pls do your own dd.

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Is This the End of Everything? ….. Beginning

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