SMC: Take a look at me now

November 5, 2013 at 2:54 pm Leave a comment

Previously last Oct 1, 2013 we talked about SMC

here’s the latest after it declared a 10:1 property dividend of top frontier (est to be 178 per share).

at 10:1 ratio that would mean 17.80 per share. Ex div price of SMC is around 83.35. Post price was magnificent as it ignored the math to settle at 76.50 (high of 79+).
The math adjusted price should be 83.35 – 17.80 = 65.55 or so

Honestly, for me. SMC’s chart is out of this world. And hirap spellin. The scenario of the W-pattern is base on the assumption that if SMC’s math will come into fruition (or near that). The accumulation window is around 65+ to 75 levels.

Now for a small investor like me, i dont have the luxury to accumulate. There’s no such thing for me as buying in tidbits. With my small capital, Im a “one buy and that’s it” guy.

Tanong: How do i “accumulate”?

Sagot: The window is yours to explore.

safe answer eh 😛

Weekly Chart SMC


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