Special Year End Report – PSEI: Gold Script , Gap. Bottom coming and greedless PSEi forecast next yr

December 13, 2013 at 10:33 am

Market fills gap @ 5738 to 5771.
Going back to our original script of gold and with the rsi support broke down yesterday, the script calls for that test of Aug 8, 2013 long bar. Bear in mind, we are mere mortals and taking notice of the gold script for 12 months now is no joke. We have a tease of the script when it didnt make a nice spike (back to 6700 to 6800) as we have thought. Still the script is a cute mimicry of the pse. anyone refuses to believe that, is an ass like me. Well i’m always so but in a cute way. Here’s some drawings by Michelnotangelo.

PSEi yesterday and not today (i dont have real time index chart from technistock, only stocks are realtime).

Here we pointed out the relevance of the gaps

In this article “The Script” we took a bold call of calling the month of october as the top. And i quote..

Script of gold chart 2011 very much into effect. We top this october and then fade away

The Script of Gold started when we spotted how psei and gold moves. In the Article, “Calling it First- The BoH Special Report” we talked about stuffs that later on became one of the best charts we’ve seen.

Last January 31, 2013. The group talked about the high probability of our index mimicking the parabolic face of Apple Corp, Gold and some what else. Both our index, Gold and Apple Inc have showed ultimate greatness and might. Both Gold and Apple Inc were invincible on their time. Only the PSEi remains being so.

This is our Sept article of the gold script “And the Saga Continues”


This is were i blunder.

Well, despite calling it boldly and nicely, these all boil down to how useful the script was. Being right in calling the tops, the bottoms and what else, is no good if you dont profited from the script… or at least done some slicing to limit a loss. Even your cuteness is guilty of that so many times. So why are we still posting? The many testimonials we received from various investors who message, emailed and thanked us were more than enough reasons to keep our passion burning. You call it crazy.. or call it maybe.

Bottom coming?
Again if PSEi will follow the Gold script, we have nearing to a level where gold bottomed and rallied back 20% or so. Again this is purely technical in nature and hope is definitely not a strategy (a note to myself). Having said that, for the next few days (including today), we might see the “bottom” for the year, ending the year in a disappointment. Next year could be exciting, as we saw the index rallying back to 6700 t0 6800 or say even that 6670 level (base on gold script). And after that … a nightmare.



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