Metallica – A Year End report and Recollection of Gold Calls

December 21, 2013 at 1:17 am 1 comment

A little dejavu as gold nears its previous low at 1170s level. Since its super cycle parabolic started last 2001 (if you read all the links), gold ended its super cycle mid to late part of 2011. Ten years of fun and luster. Will update this come monday as to why the possibility of a 3-digit per oz price is possible… <edited, updated)

Last June of 2012.. and i quote under the "Metallica" Page of this blog…

My personal take on gold’s breakdown(around 1520s) is 1250 to 1300. Then a far fetch scenario for now is a 3-digit per oz. Just to be clear, Im no bear nor bull.

Please check the link below for gold’s parabolic history and my previous post about its super parabolic cycle.

I was right what i saw then, but wrong not to believe it.

Add: Daily Chart Dec 23, 2013
a break at 1100 may probably trigger margin calls and will send gold plunge faster… possible nga 3 digit kung ganun.


Some Articles regarding Gold. Our previous calls.

Last April 11, 2013 we write
Late last year, as most were bullish about gold, the group have an analysis of a return move to the low to mid 1500. . Most foreign analysts then called for a return move to retest of previous high of $1900, others were too bullish even calling above $2000 an oz.

gold return move to low 1500

As price of gold nears our target.. we boldly say the buying window is open as We think gold is setting up the biggest bear trap of all times… well maybe in “this” time.
The chart below explains it all and the wrong call we made. nak ng pating na kulay furfol oo.

gold buying window open

this is where gold made the mother of all bear traps, of which your cuteness bravely calls. ek ek.

Mother of all Bear Traps redrawn

Chart link can be found here:

After we failed on our mother of all bear traps call…We took noticed of Gold’s W-pattern last July 11, 2013. , and to quote

here’s a nice W that surpass the 1265 level. the chance of a bearish flag (wedgies) have somewhat diminished as gold course its luster into the abyss. As gold finds its way out into the doldrums, the W is the first positive sign for the longest time. the clue then is gold testing the rsi walls below the reversal level of 50. A break on those walls (including level 50) will trigger a super spike for gold. after then we assess what’s gold’s going to whisper. naks arte ha.




gold went to as high as $1433.77 last Aug 28, 2013 but soon afterwards any attempt to moved higher were muted. As of this writing gold is at $1201 per oz.

Merry Christmas to all. God bless us always.


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Reference Chart – MCP Reference Chart – MARC

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  • 1. Smiley  |  December 30, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 senor spy!!!
    Big Thanks to all your generous free market lessons. I learned alot.
    2014 will be a super great year for us market investors! Yeah! Lets claim it! 😀
    More power to you and more market learnings to come in 2014! GODBLESS you and your family!


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