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Reference Chart – CPG

A sign of hope for CPG holders.

Previously we give the line in the sand for CPG. unfortunately it did the head and shoulder path and broke down. Since CPG is still considered on a downtrend, a sign of hope emerges for a possible bounce. This is not yet a reversal but still a good start.

cpg line in the sand

here’s the latest


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Reference Chart – JFC & Gold – Now na?

Super cycle parabolics, its beauty, and … madness.

previously we talked and warned of JFC super cycle parabolics. This is an update to our FB page and our wanting to take a piece of JFC’s action. Here’s the latest…

So: Now na?

So What?: See where gold bounce after the first selloff

So What Now?: This is an opportunity to some, a chance to get out for others.


Kiss of 50ma weekly?

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Reference Chart – PXP

Previously i made a terrible call on PXP.

From June 6, 2013 article

pxp june 62013

like LRI, pxp is in my watchlist for a possible reversal play. watch the curve and rsi.

PXP daily

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Reference Chart – LRI

Its been a while since we cover LRI. Since last year ive been very vocal about LRI and its peers being a “stuntmen no more”. The warnings were issued left and right, from fb groups to another, from our very own forum and to all my clients and friends, including those who trade via online and not to our house. even my closest friends dont trade with me anymore, well they buy or sell a little but more via online. heck, they thought im that understanding. well they thought it wrong. for the record, i say this with all humility, im cutely understanding, that’s more kind of me. walang sirain ng trip po. ok to cut this crap short, here’s the latest.

on our NewsL!tter 3 last August 13, 2013 we posted the charts of LRI. we then measured the supposed breakdown target at 8.36/share.


Since then we kind of forget things up and suddenly it just pop up on our watch list. (sus me may pa watch list na tayo ah). Recent chart shows, LRI’s recent low was 8.55 last middle of Dec 2013. Should we then invalidate the 8.36 target? I could say, lets check the chart first. I also pointed some divergence for us to study for future references and how its look like in case you and i encounter some divergences later. (see those lines?). Here’s the latest.

LRI Daily Chart

Divergences and its faces.

Now do you see the “uy oo nga no?” sort kind of thing above? bet some of you will probably say, “uy meron palang ganun?”

it just occurred to me, im talking to myself… damit *gigols*.

So: Ano na prognosis sa LRI?

So What: Base sa chart, LRI is testing its rsi level 50 again as it did a crossover on its 50ma.

So What Now: Time to monitor as this could be a potential reversal play

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Spyfrat by

Wordle: spyfrat

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Reference Charts: AC and PSEi Comparison

Assignment: ok ba bilhin ang AC sakaling bumalik ang PSEi sa 6600 to 6800?


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Reference Charts – Gold Script and PSEi

Earlier at StockMarketPilipinas Facebook Page i posted this.

Gold Script

PSEi Chart

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