How to avail PNB Stock Rights without shelling out a cent

January 10, 2014 at 2:51 pm Leave a comment

Date of Approval by Board of Directors Nov 7, 2013
Entitlement Ratio 15 new shares for every 100 old shares
Offer Price P71.00/share
Number of Shares to be Offered 162,931,262
Ex-Rights Date Jan 13, 2014
Record Date Jan 16, 2014
Start of Offer Period Jan 27, 2014
End of Offer Period Feb 3, 2014

This means last day to buy if you want to avail of the rights coz come monday ay ex-date na.

Okay for our example if you wanted to hold your shares. you have 1,000 shares of PNB bought at say 85 pa. you are entitled to 150 shares. That will cost you 150 shares x 71/share = 10,650 Pesos.
Since you have no mullah, you will probably hit that NO button, right? Big Mistake.

So: What to do?

So What: Come monday, you sell some PNB to pay your stock rights. Since you need 10,650 pesos, you need to sell, say 150 shares at 77 (granting pnb will correct more), that’s 11,550 pesos gross.

So What Now: Problem solved. earning you some meals along the way. Your 1,000 shares original shares less 150 shares you sold is now 850 shares.. BUT wait, you have 150 shares as rights making your holdings still at 1,000 shares.


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