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Reference Chart – PCOR

dami request lang… i think worth the risk as pcor’s placement was set at 11.50/share.


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Reference Chart – PSEi with scenarios (hidden irony added)

Previously we hinted we are one 3 and hinted some bearish pattern brewing, thus the neckline in green.


personally i was kind of “hopeful” that we go for the last run towards at least 6600 to complete the “3”. but what if, “that was it at 6550s then what”

IF is the magic word, now what. then we look at our march 14 gold wedge script (see below). if this is it, then we have that bullish wedge scenario as our last theme (see psei theme frozen or let it go – somewhere in this blog).

gold script mar14

here’s the latest with some scenarios, hidden irony added.

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Reference Chart – FGEN

Daily. Uptrend intact but watch rsi supports.

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Reference Charts – SMPH

SMPH Daily

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Reference Charts – DNL

DNL Daily


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Will try to post as many charts i can today. Will be on partial leave starting this afternoon. Be back next week. God bless palagi.

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Aboitiz Power Case Analysis

Fundamental Enthusiast

How many people have you heard that said: “I wish I could have bought AP way back 2007 at P6”?


Instead of wishing something that will never happen (i.e. turning back time), let’s examine why AP increase from P6 to P35 and moved sideways from thereon so that through this analysis we will learn something that we can apply for future stock purchases.

The breakdown of our problem is:

  1. Why AP increased from P6 to P35 in 2007 to 2010?
  2. Why AP price moved sideways from thereon?

Why AP Increased From P6 to P35 in 2007 to 2010 and Traded Sideways Thereon?

In order to answer the problems, much insight can be derived from the following relationships:


Based on the charts presented above, the following can be observed:

  1. Capacity of AP’s power generation increased before price jumped from below P10 to P30’s level.
  2. The substantial increase in generation capacity was…

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