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Reference Chart – FNI (Into the transition wedge)

Daily Chart. Must keep rsi level > 50 at least. better id price breach 50ma


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Reference Chart – NIKL

After bouncing back from its 20% from the low (32.85 x 0.80 = 26.28 ; nikl low was at 26.50), the stock posing to break from it W pattern as it close at 29, above it 50ma and rsi level 50.

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d kami kilala 😦
penge na lang ng tshirt #gigols

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JAS – Just Another Sh!t for a rogue play and the public bought it.

nothing further.

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Reference Chart – LRI

Daily Chart with price/rsi support and resistances. 50ma also acted as support. dots buying although not shown in the chart #gigols

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Is Watching a Reco?

Watch XYZ. The hidden irony of recommending a stock. Accuracy – 100%

last saturday, i talked about some hidden irony in making a chart 100% accurate. what about recommending a stock? example If I say “Watch X”, what does it imply. If X goes up, I’m right. If X goes down, I’m still right, right? Lets make it a bit ek ek. Say, Watch X if it breaks 11. Bottom line, when it comes to execution, its gonna be your call. always.

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Gumalaw na PA. You know the drill

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