Trading speculative and new investors orientation to baggers

March 26, 2015 at 4:27 pm Leave a comment

earlier i set my 3rd personal best trading jas (just another sh!t) for a min and 5 secs, nevertheless we trade all types of crap but this is the score, new investors will always be lured by easy and fast plays. and why is that? because such, offers an easy and fast cash BUT normally, they never consider the RISK. The very reason why i rarely reco a bagger nor trying to spot one because, the idea itself is almost synonymous to greed and hope. either ur lucky to have experienced it and what’s next is you will always look for one. the end result, none and gone. a bagger is an opportunity nonetheless, to some, but not to the first timers who dont know sh!t about executing a trade. orienting yourself for your first kill is suicide. most often one will go all with HOPE as a strategy and using GREED as its entry price. when a trade goes against its way, they exit in using FEAR with some still holding to HOPE. investing is about consistency, about being in-sync with the market and not about hitting a one time jackpot. when a new investor sets his or her goal, most will say he or she will do long term investing. but greed is a major game changer. when you orient yourself to speculatives / fast playing stocks what that makes of you. i know the answer many years ago and it sucks… it sucks bigtime. below is a jas trade for a client who uses the psychology of impulse.betting small is one of the key.


Entry filed under: Phisix's Closet (PSEi).

Personal Record – 3rd best Kiss of the 50ma theory (Reference chart – house)

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