For Reference – Arbi Plays

June 17, 2015 at 4:23 pm Leave a comment

The Art of Arbitrage Play: I got fascinated of arbitrage way back in my Phisix Manila days (now Finance Manila). The word arbitrage was foreign to me then. It was senor Camel (his forum name) who introduced me to arbitrage. As a small investor there’s no way for me to actually used its purpose. So i observed the markets, The As and the Bs, the forex differentials, the Man whom i thought was the best arbitrage player here in the PSE. The Man most thought was a buy and hold manager #gigols. to cut the story short, here’s a little thought that is kinda weird and unknown to many, just like that tracker stock V. but before that, here’s some notes on arbi plays back then

more later..or sometime.. or maybe


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Reference Chart – PNX & PPC / Deciphering Disclosure – ISM Reference Chart – COPPER

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