Trading Secrets of a Cutie

June 25, 2015 at 9:10 am 1 comment

Information is vital. While other investors focused more on reading fb comments and liking them, some traders are busy refreshing the pse edge website and other infosites like twitter just to get ahead of information. Nothin wrong in having many fb groups, nothin… well it depends on how much time youve spent liking comments instead of watching the markets. i got a handful fb groups too, but i only “prioritized” the one i think suited for me, and i really really mean, SUITED for ME. If you dont know what kind of investor or a trader you are, then it is likely you dont know what group suits for you. Yo tend to “group” hopping in search of something you done even know. That takes time, and time is valuable. How many time you get angry when someone “bash” you long term stock? I mean YOUR LONG TERM STOCK. Kind of weird right? Nor funny. You get emotionally affected on what you read over some lousy post and yet you tell yourself you in for the long haul. And how many times you click “like” right away when someone posted some nice twee-tums of your IPIT stock. Without knowing it, you are soooo confused.

more later… trading time..


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Aviso Trading Secrets of A Cutie – Part 2

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  • 1. nelmaec  |  June 25, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Awwttss awwttsss again! But honestly I like the way you teach people, you are straightforward…you tell directly the mistakes of a person because you want them to learn, correct their mistakes and avoid committing them again. I greatly appreciate whenever you blunt on me 🙂 and I consider it as a challenge so I could learn more. As of now, I already avoided FB groups which I think irrelevant and won’t help me and just waste my time. I just wanna stay with the ones that is reliable, an ADMIN with a big heart and honest to help people/traders to learn. I guess…I just need to focus…to learn and to continue learning…. Thank you Senor Cutie for willingly and unselfishly sharing your expertise and knowledge to us. You are one of those people with a BIG heart. Am sure God will give you back in return for helping others. I salute you for continuously sharing your ideas, charts, analysis and relevant infos that surely help traders esp. newbies like me. I am looking forward that one day I could do the same too, that I could be able to help others so they won’t get “ipits” Anxious though for the “more later”…. Have a great day Senor and thanks a lot 🙂 Balik kn sa FB chat natin 🙂 God bless and Cheers


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