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October 31, 2015 – Thoughts and Reflections for Bookaka (Preparing for a Presentation)

Faceless Trader

The world has focused on idea generation at the expense of idea execution.  To make ideas a reality, we must act, experiment, fail, adapt and learn on a daily basis.

Provide this missing curriculum.  Make ideas happen. Share pragmatic, action-oriented insights from leaders.  Empower and share people’s voices.


Each successful startup has had only two or three men transforming a small idea into a small business.  (Dropbox, Nest, Uber, Airbnb, Google)

We need products that reflect the values and strategies of the new breed of traders and investors, that thrive in this fast paced socially connected world.   Tap the community on what’s new, different about building a good business right now.

Adopt a radical transparency.  Design products that are simple.  Refreshingly, make products about people.  Money comes afterwards.  Commit the desire to create a beautiful product and importance of both giving and serving the customers (traders, investors, your…

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All Time High Breaks – DD, X , and POPI…Will YEHEY follow?


I tried to compare charts of three stocks that tried to break their all time highs. Charts show that after an initial test of their ATH, prices tend to correct to their monthly support lines before attempting the next break. In the cases of DD, X and POPI, the retest successfully broke the ATH, and prices never looked back from there.


YEHEY had tried to break its ATH last week but failed. Will it follow the same course as these three stocks above? We have to wait and see….for how long? See below this chart:


These are the number of trading days that it took for these three stocks to break their ATH sucessfully. We can not conclude anything from this except that we will need some patience .

X- 33 trading days

DD- 24 trading days

POPI – 26 trading days


Good luck YEHEY holders….

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