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Forex Port

made some few scalps but my 10k units long position of Aud/Usd is still a sore.



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1) any update sa forex port?
Ansagot. more than a month na pala walang update. how time flies (asus).
in my previous post, i played some silver longs.

in my last forex port post. i have aud/usd long position with some loss. if you click the pic, you’ll see i have 10k and another 5k units of aud/usd.

here’s my latest forex port. i still have the 10k units aud/usd long position. lumaki nga lang ang loss *ngisi*. from $40+ dati, now almost $400 na. nak ng pating na kulay furfol oo.
forex port july 24 2013

2) whats your take sa TA?
Ans. might do a precedence pattern. have some examples here sa blog.
one of the few on this link.

3) what is a goku pattern?
sagot. Goku is one of the precedence pattern. pls check some notes i made here. not complete though, sorry.

inverted goku

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Forex Port

Made some new scalping last week. New long entry is 5k units of aud/usd with a scalp play in mind of 29 pips.


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Forex: “Pataka” System

Pataka^  is a bisaya/hiligaynon word which means pointless or baseless.

The “Pataka” system main objective is just to trade continuously, of which its main objective was revealed on SMP Forex thread.

Later on, if i can find a good programmer, “Pataka” system can be modified as reversed-martingale, of which the idea is not to average down but to buy on the way up until the trend goes toppish. by doing so, the system will generate a single open position once the trend is momentarily over. it can also be modified by being both a real martingale and a reverse one, provided using a highly low leverage units with a 10-pip pt.

The Pataka System

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Aussie Dollar & Energy Development Corp

I use aussie dollar against the greenback as comparison to EDC chart. I arrived at the 8 level target using chartpolation (chart interpolation). caveat.

the 8 level is base on the ratio that y=2x. however what is certain if this concept is right that it will pass through its recent high. that’s good enough for me. caveat.

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Aud/Usd Chart 04/21/09

Daily chart


15-min buy signal


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AUD/USD 1/07/09


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