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Cable Long (Gbp/Usd)

Went long with cable.
!5-min chart. Stop once 1.55 breach. Clean chart as no noise since cable triggered a sell/short signal at 1.57s.

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Cable update

Although there is one top line on jan 26 or 28, this one today is nice.

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GBP/USD (The Cable Wedgie)

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GBP/USD 1-hr Chart Parabolic Curve Update

Parabolic Curve

August 14, 2009 at 5:08 am 4 comments

GBP/Usd Daily Chart


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Will cable resurect for the 4th time? Have USD/Yen finally touched bottom and reversed? Let’s check it out.



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Forex Signals jan. 27, 2009

Euro/USD. Nice trend signals.


Cable against Green


USD/CHF 15-min chart


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Forex Signals

Will upload more charts in’s euro/usd. very very nice signals, that is if…. if… if…


edit add : Jan. 21, 2009 11:40am USD/CHF

finally sell signal, was looking at parabolic curve burst for chf yesterday, reason why i held.


edit add : GBP/USD chart, Jan.21, 2009 11:57am Philippine time

“UK is Finished” quoted by the great Jim Rogers. Unbelievable 1,000 pip down move. His words are mighthier than any sword. Forget being Knighted sir hehe.


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Ouch, it hurts.

Very very bad call as US$ continued its beating against the majors. Early trading yesterday, i was all smiles coz i made a decent gain from my last friday’s majors long position, the thought of accomplishing my 100% return per month quota is not far-fetch as i missed trading for a week. Last night beating was tolerable. As of this writing, my hands¬†aretrembling, i cannot think well, i am in fear. nah hehe. worst comes worst, i’ll bail and rest for awhile, still leaving me some nice gains for the feed the children fund. no excuses, i simply made a wrong call based on wrong anticipation of what will happen next. When US dollar erased those weakness at yesterday’s afternoon trading (philippine time) i did not act base on the signals and relied that there will be no repeat of US$ spectacular strength that happened last Jan 12 to 14. Last nite, i thought the beating would stop and forex will move in consolidation as US was on a holiday for Dr. King’s day.

here are some of the signals that i ignored that cost me. I just watch the signals yesterday, went home as usual and said ouch when i log in late last night.



charts by

edit add (4:o9 pm, Jan. 20, 2009 Philippine time)

now this is stupidity at its best. im adding fund so as not to margin call. i should have bail out as early as last night or as late as a few hours ago. what keeps me hardheaded is that i see a potential parabolic on usd/chf as the pair nears 1.50. This is my last piece of crap if i get a margin call, leaving me a gain of at least $500 or so for the kids. i hate myself today. grrrrr.

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Feed the Children Fund#2 Update & USD/Cad 15-min Chart

I’m sleepy. It’s 15min past 2am. Usd already made a 400-pip run since the start of the trading week against the Canadian dollar but no short or sell signal yet. Other pairs were the same. GBP/USD for the last 48 hours have breach a 600-pip run and yet no sign of a bounce for the cable. These are emotional spikes that cuts deep into your bones if your in the wrong side of the trade and are highly leverage. Few more minutes and i’m off the computer. I need my beauty rest.


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