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Forex Trading Ideas – USD/CAD

Previously last May 14

Recent Chart
Going long with tp set at 30 pips. Possible Precedence Pattern of Goku ( If so, wil lnot hesitate to add position and amend tp (or set trail) as i can monitor fx activity today.



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USD/Cad Short idea

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The need to Automate


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USD/Cad 15min Chart – waiting for short signal


luckily made a decent scalp yesterday. missed the buy signal between 4:30pm-4:45pm yesterday, Philippine time. Awaiting short signal again. I might missed it again as wifey called to mate, i mean met her “somewhere”, thus i got a date with my “commader & chef”.

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Forex Position and my activity for the day

the usd/cad triggered a short/sell signal few hours ago at 4:15am Philippine time. i can imagine myself snoring at that time. Arrived at the office past 9am, then checked some Philippine equities activity. Monitor forex and waited a little to timed my entry. Managed to open some trades at almost 10am. Hope to get lucky as i’m running out of time to my quota of 100% return per month this january.

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Feed the Children Fund#2 Update & USD/Cad 15-min Chart

I’m sleepy. It’s 15min past 2am. Usd already made a 400-pip run since the start of the trading week against the Canadian dollar but no short or sell signal yet. Other pairs were the same. GBP/USD for the last 48 hours have breach a 600-pip run and yet no sign of a bounce for the cable. These are emotional spikes that cuts deep into your bones if your in the wrong side of the trade and are highly leverage. Few more minutes and i’m off the computer. I need my beauty rest.


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Forex Update 01/13/09

Slippery. Whipsaw. Emotional. Extreme Swing. Droll.

The last word is an after the fact feeling when i saw today’s forex activity. Big pip move happened since yesterday. I made it a discipline though that i will remain inactive until such time i can monitor forex activity fully. The first trading days of January have been all household chores activities. Cleaning stuffs left and right. Kids went back to school last January 5, and were followed by their 3rd grading test last Jan 8 till last saturday, jan 10th. For the past days, US$ been dominating the euro but weaker against the Yen (being the strongest amongst the majors). As pointed out from the previous charts, there’s been bullish divergences yet it fizzled out quickly. There we’re bearish signs as well that we’re proven a false signals.

I love trading this kind of volatility. Emotions I like. Unfortunately i don’t have the patience nor the time to wait for the signals to come up yesterday, thus i play it safe. Hope i have a decent time later to capture some moves. Below is an example how signals can get screwed up as they were signaling yesterday that they were so (mixed signals).


Aud/Nz back to positive territory again. 300-pip move. Wow. Drooling. I miss the trade. No regrets. I watch “House M.D.” with wifey and Lars (my little boy) instead. After which we watch Arirang’s Korean telemovie, Jang Gil-san and his chivalrous bandits, the Hwalbindo. Occasionally, i change channels to watch bloomberg.

Here’s what i’m looking to capture later (if it comes or not, it’s okay). USD/Cad 15min chart. If this is a parabolic in the making, I’ll short this one.


Below is EURO/GBP Daily. As expected a whipsaw did occur. It’s now back inside the band. limited time for me, gotta go, hope to post more charts tomorrow.


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