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Gold Update & Forex Port

Gold Daily. was expecting a spike but didnt pushed tru.

Forex Port July 25 2013

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Mga Katanungan

Some of the que i missed to answer. In no particular order. parabolics is giving us a hint that the retest will be the greatest bull trap in the psei history. Here goes.

1) what’s with the 6813 level?
Ans. In my post yesterday, i again emphasized the importance of 6813. Additional explanation here.

2) Do you really have a naked pic?
Sagot. next question please.

3) what’s with the video re LR.
Ans. Silent Lucidity is about lucid dream. in one of the meanings i found in the net, it says and i quote “it is understanding through silence.. (kind of like meditation).”

4) what do you mean by this quote?
Iniisip ko. since wala na hot money, mga caymen wannabees naman ang mag papaakyat sa markets natin. Thus the word “turn” instead of “time”. kasi matagal na sila sa markets, so indi na valid ang “time”.

5) bakit yung re-test to high is a bull trap?
simpleng sagot. parabolics are the most amazing patterns. i call them the mother of all chart patterns.
here’s a link of one of its wonders.

6) do you see the index breaking 6813 and then retrace first?
Hmmmmm. its possible the index will respect that level first and do a second attempt breakout. in case the index breaks 6813 without pausing, that would be shallow. in this case the retest leading to the bull trap will equate to a lower retest target, maybe past 7k only. a second attempt break on the 6813 will have a higher target. unfortunately, parabolics is giving us a hint that the retest will the greatest bull trap in the psei history.

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Almost 2 yrs since… I – Part 6 – Gold’s super spike coming

here’s a nice W that surpass the 1265 level. the chance of a bearish flag (wedgies) have somewhat diminished as gold course its luster into the abyss. As gold finds its way out into the doldrums, the W is the first positive sign for the longest time. the clue then is gold testing the rsi walls below the reversal level of 50. A break on those walls (including level 50) will trigger a super spike for gold. after then we assess what’s gold’s going to whisper. naks arte ha.


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Almost 2 yrs since… I – Part 5

This is the gold chart J and I talked about last tuesday.
earlier i was browsing the idea of checking the pmini, philippine mining & oil index. i checked on PX and LC too. thats when i make sambit the oiiiii


more charts later

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On Gaps, Apple, Gold, Herseys’ and the Bees

We now continue re psei and gold parabolic face of 2011, at least for this post while i still have it.

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PSEi Weekly
The market is giving us a hint.

Gold Parabolic face of 2011

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Gold’s Buying Window is now Open

Late last year, as most were bullish about gold, the group have an analysis of a return move to the low to mid 1500.

We think gold is setting up the biggest bear trap of all times… well maybe in “this” time.


Precedence Pattern

AP Precedence Pattern

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PSEI Daily and Sell the Gold’s Spike

Posting divergence levels, should it occur, take profits. QE3 or not, market will always be right.

Gold Daily

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Gold Weekly

Gold Weekly July 20, 2012. The bands are starting to go down favoring a triangle breakdown. To negate, gold must taste the breath of life at 1600s. To bring back its luster,  gold must take 1680s in the weekly scale to claim back its glory. Only then will I consider gold 2,000 (after 4 yrs when i spotted Gold’s parabolic).

References old blog site:

On September 19, 2008 in one of my UNPUBLISHED presentation (worth $1k hahaha), gold’s parabolic in that time is in its super cycle state. Read it here :

included on that UNPUBLISHED presentation was a teaser, page 1 only. Honestly, no one took my desperate move to being noticed. OIL did plunged back to $40/bbl. I was wrong, it didnt happened in 3 yrs time. It came less . I underestimated the paraburst. After that, i dont care anymore. Until I found, I feel alive and wanting to share back again. The parabolics in my experience is one powerful chart pattern ever. The mother of all.

My personal take on gold’s breakdown(around 1520s) is 1250 to 1300. Then a far fetch scenario for now is a 3-digit per oz. Just to be clear, Im no bear nor bull.

Previous Gold Weekly Charts

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Gold in dangerous RSI level

no RSI support seen in this weekly chart. Very dangerous for gold.

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Reference Charts – Dow Jones, Gold, Silver, GMA7

Some old ones
Dow 2/28/12

Gold, Silver, GMA7

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