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CHIB’s Parabolic Update

Last September CHIB’s parabolic went high risk as RSI daily exceeds RSI Weekly on parabolic status.

Today at 55.60 , rsi daily (69.63) went into paraburst and threaten to fill the gap at 51.50 to 51.90 (it may do partial gap). CHIB needs then to go back at 55.80 to survive parabolic burst. RSI Weekly is still parabolic and rsi 70 may offer some bounce play for the chart.

Chart later.
edit. chart inserted


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CHIB Parabolics

@ 58.10/share
Daily RSI is 81.86; Weekly RSI 79.49
RSI Daily exceeds RSI Weekly in parabolic status. High risk.
edit: charts added
Daily chart

Weekly chart

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Once in awhile….

small fishes like us can be on top. This is all ilonggo investors averaging up on their CHIB core holdings. This is not to brag as we know we are little fishes. This is something to cherish that once in awhile in our small fishes lives, we’ve swim faster than the sharks.

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China Bank Corp (PSE: CHIB)

Brief Analysis. Brewing for a full reversal from a major downtrend. Parabolic curve burst of its weekly chart have signaled end of downtrend. A potential long term stock for investors who wants 30% yield per annum. Historically CHIB yields 100% return of investment every 3 years before the financial meltdown of 2007. Charts will be posted when i finished my study. Caveat.

edit added chart (08/140/08 1:20pm Philippine time)
Daily Chart
Weekly Chart

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