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Flirting over, Now the 4play

As of trading time 11:45am, Ni stands @ 4.15

4Play (coz trading range 4pesos plus – 4.10 to 4.70/4.90 within 3 weeks) is in effect.



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Jap Stocks

3) Nihao Minerals Resources  (PSE:NI)

Flirting only, but no penetration.

Weekly chart – still uptrend (pls see previous NI weekly charts)

Previous NI charts

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Nihao (PSE: NI)

Daily Chart.  Yesterday was a fight between bulls and bears. Today, I expect a battle.

Weekly Chart

Previous Nihao Charts

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Nihao (PSE:NI)

After a catastrophic parabolic curve burst, Nihao finally settled to halt its free fall. Its 50MA based on its weekly chart was proven to be a solid defense, thus the bounce. Daily chart though still negative but the weekly send some light as Nihao is preparing to test 3.60-3.70 reversal entry (3.60 once a support & 3.7 as 20% of 3.10 low).

3.60-3.7 crucial level to watch. if break 20%(3.7)¬† -40% (4.35) -60%(4.95) rule applies. example is LIHC’s 4.80 low – 20%(5.7-5.8), 40% (6.7), 60% (7.7). caveat

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Nihao (PSE: NI)

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