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Reference Chart – PX



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Reference Chart – PX

Previous PX Chart

PX Daily. Bounce play coz of divergence. 7% to 10% from low of 13.98 target rise.

PX Weekly

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Philex Mining – PX

RSI 70 is the key. Break that wall and you got the mother of parabolics. Wave 3 is most profitable waves of the parabolic. Unimaginable return.

Earlier, nice try but failed. Respect the wall and conquer. Let’s us see in the coming days.
PX weekly

PX Monthly

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The Laughing Stock – Philex Mining – PX

Remember this?

px 201

Honestly readers here got a good laugh last year 🙂 me included. And once again, just for the fun of it. Now this is a laughing stock and i love it. Here’s the latest.

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Philex Mining Super Cycle Parabolic Target P201/share

For super cycle parabolic reference, pls check

This is just a chart. 201 a share come 2015 is ridiculous at this moment.

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Philex Mining (PSE: PX)

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Philex Mining (PSE: PX)

Daily chart
RSI reads above 80, this suggest level is overbought. Parabolic curve in the making. Clients were happy with 10.75 thus the profit taking. There were crosses done at 10.50 and 10.75 as well. Problem with huge crosses is that it usually being used as the peak of the stock. Pls see MER crosses example (Title of post is “300”). Im playing it safe for them, 10.75 is a blessing. caveat.

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