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Reply to Senorita Mariana
Sabi nya…
tdy ran out of shares to sell:( that means we expect another spike tomo right? should we chase prices and what would be the safe buying price for this stock?pls help a newbie.thanks

Sagot ko…
this is from the heart and rest assured im am being honest with you. the “newbie” thing scares me. sorry maam mariana, i woundnt reco chasing prices nor speculating more on a stock that have risen on 2 ceilings (2 – 50% rise in a day) already. coming from mid 4s to over 11 in less than a week’s time, tdy is emotionally driven with “guessed” fundamental assumptions attached to it. Recent number games in the likes of AAI to Bloom, and PWR to CPG have brought so much distress to new investors relying on “initial numbers”. Like TDY, both CPG and Bloom before enjoyed multiple ceilings as well but once realization sets in, then it will pop out just like a bubble burst. in essence, chasing prices at the open is not a good strategy.

For traders though, same strat, use open price as pivot. price below open is no good. getting whipsaw is a strategy, what is not is holding the bag. never buy on open. weve seen two sessions already that TDY corrected few minutes after opening. TDY’s is in parabolic status both in daily and weekly. High risk already considering its RSI daily exceeds RSI weekly. A closing price below its open price suggest that parabolic momentum is a goner. if that’s the case, avoid.


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