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Feed the Children Fund#2 12/24/08

Merry Christmas to all. May God guide our paths and enlighten our ways always. We’re off to Antique, Iloilo, Philippines in a few hours. For the next 8 days, we’re going to celebrate Jesus’ birthday to the max 🙂 That is, attending mass on His birthday, meeting relatives and friends, sharing stories and family bonding without interruptions. We can have breakfast together without the usual rush. We can have lunch in complete attendance under the tree, watching the sea. We can share dinner prepared by our kids as they always wanted to cook for us. We’re always longing for the time like these. Eight days of non-stop family bonding, ahhh just the thought of it makes me smiling. Family. Family with Christ. See you all next year. God bless us always and forever.


Fund Update: Luckily, managed to meet 100% monthly return for December. Hope to continue to be lucky in the next 4 months.


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Feed the Children Fund#2 Update 12/23/08

I’m a little bit shy from my Dec quota of 100% return per month. I’m still for a weaker dollar till end feb or early march of 2009. My fave pair is aud/nz for now, buying on dips, as this pairs require less attention compare to the volatility of the majors. currently i have no long position for the said pairs.


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Pepsi Update 12/23/08


Yesterday Dec 22, ATR Sec crossed 50M shares of Pepsi at 0.92/share. Today, ATR was the bought 1M, next to Abacus Sec’s 1.5M shares. Unfortunately, UBS did continue selling. My clients and I were still holding our shares. Tomorrow is the last trading day and i’m still anticipating a nice window rally. Summit sec bought back 100k shares today. Honestly still, i hate this “eliminating players” trading strategy.

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Pepsi Update 12/19/08

pip121908trading strategy: eliminating players is taking effect as summit securities resumes partial buying, but i don’t like it *grin*

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Dow Jones Industrial DJIA


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USD/CHF short 4 the week = 1,000 pips

I’m drooling here. Honestly, just drooling.


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