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The other TEL – The other side of Exodus

For reference only as chart was done last Feb 14, 2011. The pattern presented here is not visited on the local PLDT chart. This is PLDT’s American Depository Receipt (NYSE: PHI). A foreign analyst saw this coming. Not a good sight to see as PLDT is PSEi’s heavyweight.



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Watch us from heaven Mark

A borrowed life from God above.
So full of life, as you depart.
We cherish every moment of your life Mark
All the memories that will always be in hearts.
We love you Toto Mark.

Pls tell my mom, I loved her so dearly.

My sincere condolences to Tita Anj Orth & Family. A very good friend and confidante.

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Bounce Play of the Week

Ayala Corp (PSE: AC) Weekly Chart

Metrobank (PSE: MBT) Weekly Chart

Banco de Oro (PSE: BDO) Weekly Chart

Jollibee Foods Corp (PSE: JFC) Weekly Chart

Philippine National Bank (PSE: PNB) Weekly Chart

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Philippine National Bank (PSE: PNB)

as of this writing, pnb is still dominated by foreign selling.
1 CLSA 98,000 4,512,550 46.0464 36.77%
2 DEUTSCHE 49,700 2,287,420 46.0245 18.65%

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Exodus 2011

As the PSEi breaks the most watched 3,800 support of the index, panic selling sets in, sending the market to drop more than 100 points to end the day at 3,738. Most are now looking at the 3600 gap as the next stop. Will it fill the gap?

Back in November of 2010, I post a warning about the parabolic burst.
Said pattern is a curse (

We never got that “back to the 4300” emotional rally as San MIguel Corp (PSE: SMC) was scrap off from the index. The emotional ingredient come instead from the 3rd liner and junk plays. Public participation on those plays were at parabolic stage. So enormous that even the rotten of all junks was not spared.
Investors where lead to believe, stock market investing is as easy as walking down the street. Blinded by easy money, they forgot they are already rolling their dice in the casino.

The link here ( shows the trendlines of 1994 ( and its importance. This was way back October 2010. The two parabolic trendlines which was Boss Maverick pointed out in Traderspizza ( were there as well. That trendline serves as the most valid support after 3800. The 3600 gap is what most are looking. The parabolics looks the other way. Its nature is to tease and to deceit. coincidentally, over the course of time, and as trendlines are variable, the current reading is about as the same as the 3,600 gap.

The question now is if psei fills the gap at 3600, what follows next?

One theory is that, paraburst usually brings its prey to the 20% from the high corrections before any decent technical rally to occur. In our PSEi case, recent high of 4413 will peg the 20% at 3530.

to be continue..going home.

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Trans-Asia Oil and Energy Dev’t Corp. (PSE: TA)

Chart was of yesterday’s price. Today it was 1 cent lower to close at 1.31 per share,

TA Wedge

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Engineering Equipment (PSE: EEI)

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