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Benpres Corp (PSE: BPC)



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PSEi Oct 8 Chart


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Gold Top – Wedge Update

3Hr Chart Magnified

gold wedge top 3hr oct092009

Gold Daily
gold wedge top oct 8 2009philippinetimeupdateoct9

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Gold Wedge Theory

as per wedge theory, gold will establish top between Oct 7 to Oct 9, until a new pattern will form. caveat
Gold recent high is $1048.50 4:30pm Oct 7
my personal take is 5pm of Oct 8. for experiment only. caveat.
chart to follow…

edit add oct 9 – 9:55am Philippine time
gold wedge top oct 8 2009philippinetime

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Ilonggo’s Delicacies

browser or connection, dont know, cant post pics/charts. my photobucket is a mess as well. wil ltry at home. my apologies.

edit add: 4pm


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Yes we’re holding

will post screen shot of our portfolio later. been bz lately. my apology for not posting charts last weekend. kids preparing for exam this week. my commander & chef is also finishing her final exam for her students, thus the typist in me, plus she got to review all the graduating nursing student’s thesis for their final defenses, making me vulnerable for her errands like checking test paper and chores. Ahhhh the reasons why i love being a father and a husband.

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PSEI & Ayala Corp

will add more in the weekend.
Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) Daily Chart

Ayala Corp (PSE: AC) Daily Chart

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