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Aboitiz Power (PSE: AP)

Please be reminded, the super cycle parabolic curves (like of that of PX) are just my concepts. Please take due diligence. Caveat.

AP Daily

AP Weekly

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The Polar Magic

Manipulated or Defended. Jockeyed or Supported. Hyped or Most talked. Pump or Dump. Newbie’s sucker or Trader’s delight. Hated or Loved. Warned or Bashed. Concerned or Ill-fated. Honesty or Crap. Insider or Public.

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Fil Estate Land (PSE: LND)

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Philex Mining Super Cycle Parabolic Target P201/share

For super cycle parabolic reference, pls check

This is just a chart. 201 a share come 2015 is ridiculous at this moment.

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I’m signing off temporarily as me and my family will be on vacation and be back on the 28th. We’re going to Antique (will do laundry, cooking and domesticated works for my beloved in-laws) and internet connection is not available. What we have there are turkeys, fresh fish, lots of coconuts, dwarf papayas, and the beautiful scenery of the sea.

Merry CHRISTmas to all and May Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ bless us always and forever.


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Stocks picks if Exodus 2011 will happen

Unmindful of the market stocks/Hedge stocks
1. Petron preferred (PPref) – 8.25% per annum yield.
2. Manulife (MFC) – hedge against peso weaking
3. Sunlife (SLF) – hedging
4. PAX – Risky stock (and i am stuck @ 3+) but might survive coz of hedging (Aussie dollar and USD strong against Peso).

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Window dressing candidates

Have already started
1. Ramon S. Ang stocks/San Miguel Group

2. Bobby O stocks

3. Tatang stocks
– ALHI (silently creeping tru Lucky sec)
– BEL (part of the 3 Maria’s before; APC and SINO)

About to start
1. ACR – jockeyed by HDI Securities
2. PSE – by Deutsche
3. FLI – by Deutsche
4. MPI – tru CLSA
5. PX – tru CLSA
6. EDC – tru Macquaire
7. NIKL – Asiasec
8. AT – Kings Power, Abacus, BDO sec

Daiwa pushed stocks
1. AGI
2. AP

Yearender hurray push, i vote Asiasec

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