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LC Update

just follow guide to the predecence pattern – the pole (found somewhere here, eg vul ltg). Watch 076-.80 for any wedges forming.


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Reference Chart – COSCO

Weekly Chart. Trade it. For veterans only.
For karma purposes: bot @ 10.76 for clients


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PSEi’s parabolics

previously we talked about how psei’s paras are doing. we compared it to the 2 faces , that is Apple (US:AAPL) and Gold. Both were unmatched, unscratched, and invincible. Until the burst.

somewhere here in the blog there’s a bit of that, too tired to search. ek ek

This (courtesy of senor genkumag)

and this

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Dont turn off your computer Sissy 2

Biggest fallout of our market index. You should not miss this.
One &*(@&$&&!&***!@@!!!##$ of an experience to.

brb cr muna ako

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Index down more an 200 pts on an a very impressive sky rocket propelled GDP.
its all about emotions. all about parabolics. ek ek

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Market is down 212 pts and MER doesnt feel a thing. I want what mer is smoking.

LAST TRADE 13:52:47
PREV 387.00
LAST 387.00
DIFF 0.00
% CHG 0.00%
OPEN 387.00
HIGH 393.00
LOW 386.00
VOLUME 197,830
VALUE 76,938,056
52 WK HIGH 397.00
52 WK LOW 220.00

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This is the reason why index down 200 pts

See Stock Code. Market pukes.


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