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my own terrible ea

dont know how to used thus this is a failure. dont know any programming too. luckily i met a good samaritan from argentina that offered me help in programming an ea. im waiting with full excitement. as per correspondence last night, ea will be in demo next week. crossing fingers.


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ISM Alert. RSI > 70. Pls monitor. Your call to sell

if close > rsi 70, hold, otherwise take profit. Caveat.

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ISM pre open

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BDO weekly. Will BDO breakout? IF only RSI will says so.

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PX – Weekly

RSI touch 70 again. Must maintain 25.50 for the week to be back in contention.

July 28, 2011 at 3:47 am 1 comment

BSC – Parabolic Holding for now

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