Sticky Post – Salvi ang Pagpadayon

This song is dedicated to all Yolanda victims. The song is about “moving on”. Despite the many trials in life, one must move on.

Padayon sa imo pang lakaton

Indi mo pag kalimtan
Imo gid tandaan
Ang pag antos mo subong
May kataposan

Imo lang padayunon
Imo gid paminsaron
Sa punta sang pangibudlay
May katawhay

Padayon sa imo panglakaton
Indi mag kabalaka, matapos gid na ang pag antos mo

Biskan ikaw naga isahanon
Imo gid tapuson
Ang imo ginsugudan
Hamdom di pagtalikdan

Malab ot gid ang katawhay
Maagum gid ang kalipay
Sa punta sang pangibudlay, may katawhay

manag babes on vocals, manang lil on bass and lars sa drums.

manang lil sings (on guitar)

lars on drums, mamang lil on bass

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COVID 19 Philippines at Extreme Parabolic High Risk Condition.. Let there be a PARABURST! Burn covid Burnnnnnnn!!!!

Pls Lord… let there be a Paraburst (the end of a parabolic run) .. we’ve been monitoring the chart of covid19, 7-day moving average here in the Philippines, and initial pattern way back then was that it’s manifesting into a parabolic structure (more at twitter @spyfratscall). This is the same parabolic structure we are now seeing in some of the big names in US stocks like $TSLA $REGN and even $GOLD long term parabolic structure that we’ve been discussing at BoH Society. Please see Eight (8) Charts below.

Credits: Pethuel Pomaloy @PethuelP, @bn_trader and Edson Guido @EdsonCGuido via twitter

Chart 1: July 8 twit of @PethuelIP

Chart 2: May 11. Initial manifestation of Covid 19, 7-day MA into a parabolic structure fractal by @bn_trader

Chart 3: June 19. I was asking for an updated chart as covid’s parabolic structure entered the V/wedgie stage where the 2nd fomo run (the last of it) is about to begin (breakout of wedgie). The July 8 twit is what we are praying and hoping of that last fomo run (peak of parabolic structure)

Chart 4: Feb 5. Early $TSLA Road map we studied and discussed back then at BoH Society.

Chart 5: My presentation at the Bear market Summit 2020, discussing $GOLD and $REGN long term parabolic structures.

Chart 6: April 20. twit and thread: $GOLD Long Term Parabolic Structure at BoH Society. $4k target 2024-2025

Chart 7: March 3. Assignment at BoH Society: $REGN

Chart 8: March 6. $REGN Long tern Parabolic Structure Fractal with notes

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Bear Market Summit 2020

For free tickets

My Presentation

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Investa Summit 2019 Presentation (Pethuel Bearish Divergence, Fractals and High Probability Trade Set up)

Investa Summit 2019 Presentation

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Investa Interactive with Book Preview – Anatomy of a SCAM (Stock Chart Analysis Mined)

Investa Interactive with Book Preview of Anatomy of a SCAM (Stocks Chart Analysis Mined)

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Rendezvous with Spyfrat PPT

bootcamptradingsystem (1)

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bookaka seminar feb 2016 part 1

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eToro Presentation 2018


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Investagrams Trader’s Summit 2018 Power Point Presentation


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Screwing Liberty

“Screwing Liberty” – My View on the tender offer by Liberty Telecoms

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Building Financial Networks

A Byte of my 2.2-lb Brain

I have been receiving requests to release the Python code I wrote to produce the financial network discussed in my previous post titled PSE Correlation-Based Network.

Well, here it is! 🙂


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