Sticky Post – Salvi ang Pagpadayon

This song is dedicated to all Yolanda victims. The song is about “moving on”. Despite the many trials in life, one must move on.

Padayon sa imo pang lakaton

Indi mo pag kalimtan
Imo gid tandaan
Ang pag antos mo subong
May kataposan

Imo lang padayunon
Imo gid paminsaron
Sa punta sang pangibudlay
May katawhay

Padayon sa imo panglakaton
Indi mag kabalaka, matapos gid na ang pag antos mo

Biskan ikaw naga isahanon
Imo gid tapuson
Ang imo ginsugudan
Hamdom di pagtalikdan

Malab ot gid ang katawhay
Maagum gid ang kalipay
Sa punta sang pangibudlay, may katawhay

manag babes on vocals, manang lil on bass and lars sa drums.

manang lil sings (on guitar)

lars on drums, mamang lil on bass


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Screwing Liberty

“Screwing Liberty” – My View on the tender offer by Liberty Telecoms

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Building Financial Networks

A Byte of my 2.2-lb Brain

I have been receiving requests to release the Python code I wrote to produce the financial network discussed in my previous post titled PSE Correlation-Based Network.

Well, here it is! 🙂


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PSE Correlation-Based Network

A Byte of my 2.2-lb Brain

I find the idea of visualizing stock price correlations in a network interesting (albeit not really new).

Two nights ago, the founder of the BOH Society (@genkumag) pointed me to the Slice Matrix site, which describes itself as “a groundbreaking platform for real-time and historical analysis of financial markets, revealing the hidden fabric of price correlation and investor herding behavior.” Looking at some of the features of the platform, which, if I’m not mistaken, also implements the approach introduced by Bonanno et al. [1] (among others), I was inspired to carry out the concept on the Philippine Market. The final output is a network of assets as shown below.

Financial Network


Here, we are looking at a minimum spanning tree (MST) constructed from the price correlations of Philippine equities from June to July 2016. This snapshot allows us to see which stocks are influenced by which stocks in…

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Rooting for Celeste

I understand I’m an acquired taste. I am the red wine and cheese slices in your 20s and the sudden likelihood to choose a lounge sofa in beige. This is, however, a well-meaning letter that hopefully would be read by the lots of newblood in the stock market.

I do not condone wealth or wealthy people, because I am, for one, trying to be one– and we can not become what we hate. I applaud them. What I wish we could have a better understanding of, is that we must choose what path we need to model ourselves after, because like what they say, there are a million ways of becoming a millionaire.

And being born into it is one.

The Ilustrado.


Disclaimer: This is highly directed to a specific type of people. I agree not every one is such, so please do not make an issue out of this.

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The Responsible Trader – Book Launching



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The House of Z

Rooting for Celeste

Disclaimer: What I may say here is how I see things as is. The House of Z is filled with mystery simply because very few gains access to such a restricted world, yet every body wants their secrets. There are rumours surrounding every one’s personality, capability, and true identity. What I know is simply one version of the truth.


Mad laughter. That’s how I see them from afar. Mad laughter while they parade with their gains and how they reign superior. It was but normal to feel a little hatred. Hatred towards their mad laughter as they mock me with their capabilities.

Now that I have a closer look, I have sooner realized that the laughter wasn’t that of mocking.

It was the sound of people who knew how to play the game.
And have fun dominating it.

What type of people would willingly beg for and fight for a…

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October 31, 2015 – Thoughts and Reflections for Bookaka (Preparing for a Presentation)

Faceless Trader

The world has focused on idea generation at the expense of idea execution.  To make ideas a reality, we must act, experiment, fail, adapt and learn on a daily basis.

Provide this missing curriculum.  Make ideas happen. Share pragmatic, action-oriented insights from leaders.  Empower and share people’s voices.


Each successful startup has had only two or three men transforming a small idea into a small business.  (Dropbox, Nest, Uber, Airbnb, Google)

We need products that reflect the values and strategies of the new breed of traders and investors, that thrive in this fast paced socially connected world.   Tap the community on what’s new, different about building a good business right now.

Adopt a radical transparency.  Design products that are simple.  Refreshingly, make products about people.  Money comes afterwards.  Commit the desire to create a beautiful product and importance of both giving and serving the customers (traders, investors, your…

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