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Merry Christmas to all. May God bless us always.

signing off for the year…


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Great Find

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Listed Preferred Shares


2GOP 2GO Group, Inc. – Preferred

ABC Allied Banking Corporation Pref. “A”

ATSP ATS Consolidated (ATSC), Inc. – Pref.

ACPA Ayala Corporation Preferred Class “A”
ACPR Ayala Corporation Preferred Class “B”

BFC Banco Fil. 15 1/2% Cum. Conv. Pref.
BFNC Banco Fil. 15 1/2% Cum. Non-Conv. Pref.

BCP Benguet Corporation Conv. Pref. “A”

DMCP DMCI Holdings, Inc. Pref.

FGENF First Gen Corporation – Preferred
FGENG First Gen Corporation – Series G Pref.

FPHP First Phil. Holdings Corp. Pref Series B

GLOPA Globe Telecom, Inc – Preferred “A”
GLO-PA Globe Telecom, Inc – Preferred “A”

PPREF Petron Corporation – Perpetual Preferred

PBCP Philippine Bank of Communication Pref.

SMCP1 San Miguel Corporation Series 1 Pref.
SMC2A San Miguel Corporation Series 2-A Pref.
SMC2B San Miguel Corporation Series 2-B Pref.
SMC2C San Miguel Corporation Series 2-C Pref.

PFP San Miguel Pure Foods Preferred

SFIP Swift Foods, Inc. Conv. Pref.

Dec 13 PSE Quote. Pls see Page 5 for Preferred shares transactions.

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Walang iiyak, ang umiiyak ay cryer *gigols*

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The story of our PAX (Upadated)

Most of you who have known me, this is such a “gasgas” story but nevertheless after watching the MP-JMM fight with my SMP comrades, I recall how overconfident I am with my picks last 1Q of 2009. Like our hero Manny, we were put to sleep by the most bulliest bull market the Philippines have on its entire existence.

PAX Chart

JGS Chart
At that time I find the gaps even at 13s too low. Yes, compare to pax at 17. I did some research at that time, and BOPs are rocking and infact one of the govt’s priorities. So i thought, so long goks, hello to more PAX. The market replied, goodbye spy & his very understandable friends and clients. Ahem.

Copper Chart and PSEi chart (band of brothers?)

PSEi (See the correlation PSEi 2008 to present and Copper 2008 to early 2011)

Rumor ek ek on PAX
Rumor on PAX’s keeps on circulating nowadays. It started sometime ago and keeps on coming back. The said tender offer at 3.80 a piece is somewhat a broken record already. It’s like anyone can make stories that easily. If you have an imaginative mind and do some nice sidings on the rumor, it might add a little spice. Rumor is like a salad. A taboo word in Davao but already the whole menu book for the ones who’s dieting.

Baby: Inday saan ka galing?
Inday: BUmili ng santol. Nalilihi si Maam e.
Tsismosa princess. Hala, totoo kaya yung narinig ko? Nalilihi pala sya kaya bumili ng santol.
Tsismosa quenn: Oi ano yung narining ko na nglilihi, sino?
Tsimosa princess: wala, si inday bumili ng santol nakita ko.
Tsismosa queen: Maming, maming, may chika ako. si inday pala buntis, naglilihi at santol yung pinaglilihian.
Maming: Aba ang gagah malandi rin pala ano?
Tetay: Uy maming, ano tong txt mo na si inday ay buntis. sino ang ama.
Maming: Yun na yun, e wala namang bf yun. Malamang na nadale ng amo nya.
Tetay: Manyak pala yung amo ni Inday. Ma txt nga si Dora.
Dora: Scoop eto. Ma blind item nga.

“Flash news: Si Inday buntis. Ang suspek. Magic Santol”

Buy the rumors, Sell the new? Forget it. Not this time. Pax has a 3.7B market capitalization but sitting on a 3.7B cash. Sort like, what the heck it is not moving up if its cash hoard is so huge. Maybe the said cash does not come from its operation and bulk of which was tru a sale of its Aussie company. It’s like company XYZ earned a billion pesos but misses a peso base on consensus, thus the selldown. Still it earned billions of pesos. So what the heck PAX likes to flirt with that 3-peso level? What’s with the 3-peso level anyways. For one, (and i bet you guys are laughing right now coz you thought i’m all charts), the RSI wall is so darn hard to break (oi charts pa rin pala). Secondly, PAX has this habit of being a one day wonder, a teaser. and Thirdly, i dont know :P.

It’s up to you
With speculatives dominating the ticker tape today, backdoor bruhaha is the talk of the town. Lahat na lang gawan ng istorya, Even the blackest basura at one time ay gumalaw. The market is in spectacular run, no doubt most have made money. But if your not cashing in yet, its not yet a dough, right? What’s spectacular is that, we have seen some nice rotations. Even the blues have been padded (pumped and dump). Time will tell if this market has still legs to stretch more to uncharted territories. As for my PAX, i like to believe that there’s a second chance for me and for my ever true friends. Thus, this afternoon i utter the word … “Hello PAX once more”.

You know the drill
The term is an ek ek trader’s lingo which means “Caveat” or for those who are simply hot & cutie , they prefer the word “Kabit”.

Personal Disclosure: Long. Kabit. Ahem

PS: kung hanapan nyo pa ng meaning yang mga pa ahem ahem ko ewan ko na lang.

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Soon to be Number 1

The gap boils down to a single digit billion in difference. The big change in now fast approaching. With only 8 Billion pesos more to go, will there be a change of throne before the year end? SM contributed a lot of push up points for the whole index, gaining 28% in less than 4 months. The index gained around 11% while heavy weight and numero uno PLDT (based on market capitalization) lost around 3%.


Percent Scale of SM, PSEi & TEL

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PAX Update

Key is for PAX to break that RSI wall

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